Victorinox XMAS POS Campaign

The diversity of the products of the traditional Swiss brand Victorinox was particularly celebrated in the annual, Europe-wide XMAS campaign for the company’s own stores: all communication elements – from window to in-store – were dipped in Christmas green-gold and provided with luminous, circular arches for specially highlighted products. The holistic design of the campaign for the POS was also carried over into the virtual space. In addition to an online competition in the same look, in which the main prize – of course a Victorinox product – changed every week for six weeks, the XMAS microsite on the Victorinox homepage was also in the same design. Thus, the campaign was able to show the successful linking of online and offline, entirely in the sense of a contemporary customer journey.

Project type
POS Campaign


Creative Direction
Design Management
Agency/Project Owner
DFROST Retail Identity
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